Our department, within the Faculty of Arts and Sciences, began admitting students in the academic year 2014-2015. Our department, which continues education and training activities, started teaching activities with 30 students and received 93 students in 2017-2018 academic year Psychology has four departments; Developmental Psychology, Social Psychology, Clinical Psychology (Applied Psychology) and the Experimental Psychology. There are four faculty members (1 Assoc. Dr. and 3 Asst. Assoc. Dr..) and 6 research assistants (res. asst.) in our department.
Qualification Awarded
Those who successfully complete the Psychology department are eligible to receive a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology.
Admission Requirements
Candidates should have a diploma from a high school or an equivalent school, and must have sufficient scores from the YGS and LYS exams conducted by ÖSYM.
Higher Grade Transition
Students who graduate from this program, may apply to study at post-graduate programs.
Graduation Requirements
A total of 240 ECTS of compulsory and elective courses should be successfully completed, and overall grade point average must be at least 60 out of the 100.
Occupational Profiles of Graduates
People who has graduated from Psychology department have job opportunities in public and private hospitals, nurseries and kindergartens, special education centers, counseling centers, police departments, forensic institutions (family courts, prisons and detention houses), psycho-labs. After completing teacher training program, there are chances to work as a teacher in education centers which under the Ministry of Education.
Assessment and Grading
In order to take courses and exams of that course, students should registered for that course with the approval of his/her advisor. There are at least one mid-term and one final exam for each course. Lecturer may give homework, quizzes, presentations and report writing. In measurement and evaluation processes, Bingol University Undergraduate and Graduate Education and Examination Regulations Article 31 and 32 are applied.