Department of Physics at Bingol University is constantly developing since the establishment. There two professors, one associate professor and two assistant professors at the department.
Qualification Awarded
Physics , Bachelor’s Degree
Admission Requirements
Placement through a nation-wide Student Selection and Placement Examinations (YGS and LYS) for Native students with high School Diploma.
For foreign students, High School Diploma plus placement of the student by the university according to his score in Foreign Student Examination and student’s preferences.
Higher Grade Transition
Students graduating with a bachelor's degree in physics may apply to graduate programs (Master or Ph.D) in this area.
Graduation Requirements
In order to graduate with a bachelor's degree in physics, 240 ECTS in all courses must be completed successfully and the overall grade average must be at least 60 out of 100.
Occupational Profiles of Graduates
The graduate students having a wide range of education can choose their academical life as well as they can work at different working areas such as public institutes, research and development centers, electronic and defending industry, medicine centers, public and private educational institutions, computer companies, companies selling and serving technical devices, banks, TUBITAK Gebze Marmara Research Center, National Metrological Institute, Aselsan and also Roketsan.
Assessment and Grading
The students are subjected to one mid-term, one semester work (projects, seminars, quizzes, homework or a second mid-term) and one final exam. Bingol University Undergraduate Education and Examination Regulation's item 31 and 32 are applied in the measurement and evaluation process.