Bingöl University, Department of Philosophy is one of the departments in the Faculty of Arts and Sciences. It was established in 2009 in order to educate the people who will contribute to the development of our country, provide awareness of the need for philosophical knowledge while researching in various fields of knowledge, and direct personal and social life in the direction of general purposes of education and training. There are 1 Professor, 5 Assistant Professors, 1 Instructor and 5 Research Assistants in the Faculty of Philosophy department which started accepting students for daytime education and evening education in 2010-2011 academic year. In the Department of Philosophy there are 4 departments, namely Systematic Philosophy and Logic, History of Science, History of Turkish-Islamic Thought, History of Philosophy.

Our aim as the Department of Philosophy is to provide students with a good philosophical history knowledge and philosophical conceptual background; to be able to identify the problems that exist both in the current and in the theoretical plane, and to enable our students to approach these problems from analytical, phenomenological and existential aspects and to gain the ability to philosophize as well as philosophical knowledge.
Qualification Awarded
Philosophy, Bachelor’s Degree
Admission Requirements
High School Diploma, Placement through a nation-wide Student Selection and Placement Examinations (YGS and LYS),
For foreign students, High School Diploma plus placement of the student by the university according to his score in Foreign Student Examination and student’s preferences.
Higher Grade Transition
May apply to master’s or doctorate programmes.
Graduation Requirements
Students who have successfully completed all courses in the curriculum (240 ECTS) and have a minimum Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) 60 out of 100.
Occupational Profiles of Graduates
Graduates will find vocational opportunities in various public institutions (such as the Ministry of Health, Ministry of Justice, Ministry of National Education, Social Services, etc.), private schools, Psychotechnic Evaluation Centres, Industrial establishments. They can enter the teaching profession at public or independent schools after having gained a Teaching Certificate. Furthermore, graduates may pursue an academic career by taking up scientific study at universities (at Master’s and Doctorate levels).
Assessment and Grading
The students are subject to mid-term, mid-work (projects, seminars, quizzes, homework or a second mid-term) and the final exam. Bingol University Undergraduate Education and Examination Regulations item 31 and 32 are applied in the measurement and evaluation process.